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Despite The Reverence is a Saskatoon based groove metal group which was formed in 2011 and consists of members, Johnny Fast (lead guitar), Tom Liska (vocals & guitar), Jordan Poelzer (bass) and Brad Zimmer (drums). The groups unique brand of hard rock/progressive groove metal carries influences such as Tool, Pantera and Mastodon as well as other influences in the metal and hard rock genre. The group has released 3 full length albums with their first self titled album in 2012 with Glenn Ross Studios. This album was able to feature 5 songs in the Canadian motion picture, “Ferocious” 2012. Despite The Reverence followed this album with “Alien Intrinsic” (Toneshift Audio) where the group really found their sound which focused on progressive and groove based compositions. The most recent album “Becoming The Savage” (2017) was recorded at Toneshift Studios and mastered by Case Mastering. It has been the breakthrough album for Despite The Reverence and displays rich composition and musicianship. The 10 songs on this album showcase the group’s development and progression. This album was release with Session 1 Records on a one record contract. They have released 3 music videos with this album which include the album single “Solitude” and followed up by the title track, “Becoming The Savage”. Also released was a video for their second single, “Deception”.   Despite The Reverence has toured successfully in Canada as well as toured internationally in the United Kingdom. They have enjoyed success on the road and have also received radio play nationally and internationally. The group is currently working on a 4th album and preparing for further touring in the spring of 2018.

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Nov 7, 2018

“Work hard so you can play hard! I often get asked the question if playing music is my main job and source of income and am usually shocked! Like, No! The dream is there of course but in today’s music industry especially that is a lofty dream. You gotta love creating music and performing even to those empty rooms. I remember being down once after a show where the turnout was minimal and a member of the other band playing with us that night said, “what are you down about, you got to play guitar tonight right?” That has always stuck with me. What else would I rather be doing on with my time than performing original music? Every time we perform, whether it’s to a packed room or a few people stumbling in by accident, it counts. Even if you just make one impression it’s amazing how that can grow your fan base and exposure over time.“

Johnny Fast
Despite The Reverence  

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